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Schema changes

  • Add usage_elec table and class (see Schema Changes)
    • id serial primary_key
    • _date @date_type
    • kwatts int
    • tdsp @money_type
    • svcnum int NULL ( contains ESIID)
 Files to create: FS/FS/, FS/t/usage_elec.t
                  (skeleton of these new files is autogenerated, see "Schema Changes" documentatinon link above)
 Files to edit: FS/FS/

Usage import


Import usage charges into usage_elec table (Usage charges)

  • Add import subroutine to
 Files to edit: FS/FS/
  • Add page to web UI to accept upload
    • Needs to accept file first, add job to job queue for import/billing loop
    • Landing page that shows job progress via the JS progress popup (like service definition add/edit)
 Files to create: httemplate/misc/usage_elec-import.html, httemplate/misc/process/usage_elec-import.html
 Files to edit: FS/FS/
  • Add menu entry and ACL for new page Tools->Importing->Import electricity usage from CSV file
 Files to edit: httemplate/elements/menu.html

Associate usage charges with specific customer/package (Static mapping)

Trigger billing for that customer package (Billing)

  • Usage charges via new rate plan below
  • TDSP as a one-time charge ( cust_main->charge($amount, 'TDSP') )
 Files to edit: FS/FS/

Usage charges

  • KW -> usage_elec.kwatts
  • Invoice date -> usage_elec._date
  • TDSP - PASS THRU CHARGE -> usage_elec.tdsp

Static mapping

  • ESIID -> (associates with package and customer)
  • CUSTOMER NAME -> informational only, or sanity check w/ Freeside data
  • CUSTOMER ACCOUNT -> cust_main.agent_custid (sanity check with customer via ESIID)


  • Add a rate plan to bill on demand, triggered by the import ( (see Price plans)
  • Calculate Kw difference from previous usage_elec record for this meter/ESIID & multiply by a rate
    • rate stored in as package definition option in part_pkg_option (defined in FS::part_pkg::usage_elec %info hash)
 Files to create: FS/FS/part_pkg/
  • Set dates via usage_elec record rather than via frequency
    • Add an optional FS::part_pkg::XXX method that indicates internal date increment calculation by the price plan
    • Have cust_main::bill method use the package method to control date incrementing, if it exists
 Files to edit: FS/FS/, FS/FS/
  • Invoicing
    • service from -> cust_bill_pkg.sdate
    • service to -> cust_bill_pkg.edate
    • Number days -> (edate - date) -> added to cust_bill_pkg_detail
    • Rate -> stored in a part_pkg_option -> added to cust_bill_pkg_detail
    • Previous read (from previous usage_elec.kwatts) -> Added to cust_bill_pkg_detail
    • Current read (from current usage_elec.kwatts) -> Added to cust_bill_pkg_detail
    • Usage in Kwh (difference) -> Added to cust_bill_pkg_detail
    • multipler - store this as an additional part_pkg_option? use it for rate calculation and pass through to cust_bill_pkg_detail to display on invoice
 Files to edit: FS/FS/part_pkg/

Add'l field handling in import

Handle these additional fields:

  • Handle Due Date
    • Add new cust_bill column to store per-invoice due dates
    • Have import associate this with the bills it triggers
 Files to edit: FS/FS/, FS/FS/, FS/FS/part_pkg/
  • Invoice number -> need to store/use somehow instead of autogenerated invoice number?
    • Add new cust_bill column if necessary (cust_bill.agent_invoiceid)
    • Use this field when displaying instead of the internal invoice # (option to turn on)
    • Search this field exclusively when searching for invoice numbers (option to turn on)
 Files to edit: FS/FS/, FS/FS/, httemplate/search/cust_bill.html
  • Cross reference -> what is this for?

Add'l charge handling

Determine precisely how each of these fees are charged, spec & write any necessary code

  • Energy base
  • GR Fee
  • Taxes