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Data import from CGP

  • approx 100k users, many free
  • three days

First, Zak seems to want to do this whole thing piecewise, whereas that seems to me to involve more work.

I think the data can be imported into freeside in three days. Here I would like to do this in one pass, to avoid having to re-import (i.e. SMS data) later.

Signup customizations

 sub test_number { 

   my $number=shift; 
   my @numerals=split(//,$number); 
 #    print $#numerals; 
   if ($#numerals != 12 && $#numerals != 14) { 
     return 0; 
   my @seconds=(); 
   my $first_total=0; 
   my $i=0; 
   for ($i=0 ; $i < $#numerals-1 ; $i=$i+2) { 
       push @seconds, split(//,2*$numerals[$i+1]); 
 #	print  2*$numerals[$i+1]."\n"; 

   my $total=0; 

   for (@seconds) { 
   if ((split(//,1000-$total))[-1] == $numerals[-1]) { 

     return 1; 
   else { 
     return 0; 

  • "10- or 8- digit code that needs a response" (IVR)
    1. one-off import existing pairs
    2. web tool to generate new pairs & mail them to the vendor
    3. delete or mark off existing pairs when used (user punches the ICR response code into an area on the signup page)
  • CC integration of signup with third-party iVeri processor, docs to be sent

Export customizations

  • Update communicate_pro export to handle all the necessary extra options and triggers necessary
    • mailing list subscriptions
    • quota -> MaxAccountSize ("nnn(K|M)")
    • groups - export freeside groups to Communigate AccessModes (right now the export just has a constant AccessModes you set in the export options)
    • AddWebBanner (bool) (in the service def somewhere... but where?)
    • RPOP (bool) (in the service def somewhere, but where?)
    • PWDExport (bool) should go in the export def
    • anything else?

Additional services (deferred until later...)

  • Fax2Email product
    • HTTP API from fax vendor
    • is free
  • Email2Fax product
    • Now moved off their platform entirely...
    • Ulink to the 3rd party provider & they take it from there
  • SMS product
  • Domain renewals and domain email
    • domain renewals manually with email or shell script trigger?
    • Domain email export to communigate