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Normal / non-emergency support

All support contracts

Silver and above support contracts

  • Phone and IM support available Mon-Fri:
    • 9am - 8pm Eastern
    • 6am - 5pm Pacific
  • Phone +1 415 462 1624 ext 2
  • Instant messenger
    • MSN
    • Yahoo freesidehelp
    • AIM freesidehelp

Emergency support

  • Call +1 415 462 1624 ext 5 and leave a message. Please make sure to include:
    • Your name and direct contact phone number where you can be reached immediately to obtain any necessary information about the problem.
    • Your company name (or if you are a subcontractor, the company name which has an active support contract with us).
    • Detailed information about the problem and/or a ticket number with further information.

Unofficial support

Although some company employees may be present on IRC at channel #freeside and may be able to assist you on occasion, we do not make an official commitment to monitor the channel on a consistent basis, and it is NOT considered an official support channel. Use one of the direct communication methods above if you require assistance.

Firewall configuration

Please restrict our sensitive access to your network to the following IP addresses:




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