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This is a customer integration with Saisei. This will set up a rate plan and tie the rate plan to a host and the access point via the Saisei API when the broadband service is provisioned. It will also untie the host from the rate plan, setting it to the default rate plan via the API upon un-provisioning of the broadband service. This will create and modify the rate plans at Saisei as soon as the broadband service attached to this export is created or modified. This will also create and modify an access point at Saisei as soon as towers and sectors are created or modified.


  • Create a new service definition (Configuration->Services->Service definitions), then select Add a new service definition.
  • Give the service a name, this name along with the up and down speed will become the Saisei rate plan name (servicename_upspeed_downspeed).
  • Set the table to svc_broadband.
  • Set the upload speed, download speed, and tower/sector fields to be required for the service. This is required to be able to export the service to Saisei.
  • Attach the created Saisei export to this service(Creating Provisioning exports).
  • Create a tower and add a sector to that tower. The sector name will be the name of the access point, Make sure you have set the up and down rate limit for the tower and the sector. This is required to be able to export the access point. The tower and sector will be set up as access points at Saisei upon the creation of the tower or sector. They will be modified at Saisei when modified in freeside. Each sector will be attached to its tower access point using the Saisei uplink field.
  • Create a package for the above created service, and order this package for a customer.
  • Provision the service, making sure to enter the IP address associated with this service, the upload and download speed are correct, and select the tower and sector for it's access point. This provisioned service will then be exported as a host to Saisei.
  • Un-provisioning this service will set the host entry at Saisei to the default rate plan with the user and access point set to none.

Exporting all ready provisioned services

  • Set up the export
  • Attach the export to a existing service
  • Make sure tower and sectors are accurate for existing provisioned services.
  • Select the link Export provisioned services attached to this export from the export page (Configuration->Services->Provisioning exports->created export).