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Upgrading from 1.9 to 2.1


  • aptitude install gcc libmodule-versions-report-perl libtext-wikiformat-perl libhttp-server-simple-mason-perl libxml-rss-perl libnet-server-perl libhtml-rewriteattributes-perl libdata-ical-perl libperlio-eol-perl libgnupg-interface-perl libfile-sharedir-perl libcgi-pm-perl libmime-types-perl libdate-ical-perl libdatetime-set-perl libhook-lexwrap-perl libcalendar-simple-perl libsoap-lite-perl libpoe-perl libipc-run-safehandles-perl libdatetime-format-natural-perl libemail-sender-perl libemail-sender-transport-smtp-tls-perl libemail-simple-perl libmodule-versions-report-perl libhtml-defang-perl libhtml-tableextract-perl libhtml-element-extended-perl
  • Or via CPAN


  • Edit the Makefile (copy/edit your old information from the previous version's Makefile when upgrading)
  • make install-perl-modules
  • As the freeside UNIX user, run freeside-upgrade username, passing the username of an internal Freeside user.
  • If freeside-upgrade hangs, try stopping Apache, all Freeside processes, and anything else connected to your database, especially on older PostgreSQL versions.
  • make install-docs


  • mv /opt/rt3/etc/ /opt/rt3/etc/
    or add:
    Set($WebDefaultStylesheet, 'freeside2.1');
  • In, every old-style variable (e.g. $RT::blah = x) must be changed to Set(blah,'x'), etc.
  • make configure-rt; make deploy
  • cd rt; su freeside -c '/opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --dba freeside --prompt-for-dba-password --action upgrade' WARNING: the freeside unix user must have write permission to the rt source directory
  • Clear mason cache dir: rm -fr /usr/local/etc/freeside/masondata/obj


  • Restart Apache and the Freeside daemons:
make deploy

Edit configuration

  • You may want to check your ACLs under Configuration->Employees->View/Edit employee groups and grant some of the new rights to one or more groups.
  • Add an "Invoice eligible for automatic collection" condition to all "Run card", "Run check" and "Add card or check to a pending batch" events.
  • Create a new invoice send event, with the default conditions plus:
    • customer payment type "Credit card (automatic)" or "Electronic check (automatic)"
    • "Invoice ineligible for automatic collection"
  • To fix Cc: and Bcc: on ticket comments, go to Configuration->Ticketing->Ticketing Global, click on "Scrips", and add a new scrip "On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment" (if there isn't one already)

Known Issues

  • Bad RT links under Configuraiton -> Ticketing -> Ticketing Global? Make sure the URL section in /opt/rt3/etc/ is new-style:
$RT::URI::freeside::URL = 'https://your/freeside/URL/';

$RT::URI::freeside::URL =~ m(^(https?://[^/]+)(/.*)$)i;
Set($WebBaseURL, $1);
Set($WebPath, "$2/rt");
  • Ancient Firefox v2.x may have performance problems rendering RT? (who cares?)