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We moved to git.

The rest of the information here is of historical interest.


The big three

  • Git - all the cool kids are using it these days (C)
  • Mercurial/Hg (python)
  • Bazaar - Canoical/Ubuntu/Launchpad (python)

The dark horses

  • monotone (C++)
  • Darcs (haskell)

Not considering

  • Subversion, if we're going to migrate, it might as well be to something better enough to bother
  • Codeville, its dead jim
  • Vesta, commercial abandonware, not distributed
  • Aegis - a strange beast. Probably not for us.


  • Import from CVS, preserving history (not just tips of our three branches)
  • Web interface not completely unlike viewvc.cgi
  • Good support for moving/renaming files and whole directories (i.e. preserving history)
  • Useful versions (incl. viewvc.cgi-alike) utility in Debian stable or backports (bzr: no)
  • What else?


  • Zooko [1]
  • Version control blog [2]