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random ideas and stuff

demo fs appliance

a debian-live cd/dvd might be a nice alternative for this practice. Each guest would include:

  1. freeside
  2. postgresql+mysql servers
  3. self signup

The desktop test version would have a wm, and firefox with a homepage of file:///home/freeside/start.html or something.

css on self signup, others

test out sinorcaish from oswd

full cycle provisioning

FS currently has a 'one shot' method of provisioning. works great when nothing breaks, but in real life breakages are too often. show off new code w.r.t. EvalOnDemand and how I fixed my email exports between suspend/change/unsuspend operations


My vserver install notes

pdf paper sizes

try a4

new $conf howto

system('dvips', '-q', '-t', 'letter' ...

new bugs

I'll be adding a regression hunt + binary search howto for bug hunting

vim comments in mason files

Let's stash vim: syntax=mason in the mason comments so vim will go "Hey look, it's a mason file" and syntax on will work first time every time (w/o editing ~/.vimrc)