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Current system


  • Uses "mock", "createrepo" and "ovid" (not necessarily attached to those tools)
  • Controlled from Debian 5 server in conjunction with CentOS 5 vserver. (Not attached to this architecture; can move more things to the CentOS side and/or setup a vmware image instead of a vserver if either helps)


  • enrpm is used to package new Perl deps from CPAN or .tar.gz files and update the repo
  • cvs-check-and-build is used to package new Freeside versions and update the repo


See also



  • Freeside 2.1, RHEL and CentOS 5


  • RHEL and CentOS 6
  • Freeside 1.7, SLES 10


  • Current verions, SLES 10
  • SLES 11

Future directions

  1. get a repo going for Freeside 2.1 on RHEL/CentOS 5, perl deps, etc.
  2. Fix problems reliably building current code from CVS (default "force flag" on?), overhaul build system as necessary. current build system keeps including old code when we try to iterate fixes out to customers.
  3. Fix to work with current yum/createrepo/mock (drop RHEL/CentOS 4)
  4. Check build system into CVS, figure out how to have rpm signing stuff pull the passphrase from elsewhere, update to new key
  5. Optimize build times, omit unneeded platforms, parallelize things, add options to do a specific build only
  6. get a repo going for Freeside 2.1 on RHEL/CentOS 5
  7. Add RT to build (2.1+, RHEL5+)