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Phase one: hosted VoIP


No PTSN connectivity in phase one (only subscribers calling into the system); deferred to phase two.

(Note: still assign real DIDs to customers as their numbers, so they will be able to easily purchase PTSN connectivity as an add-on later)

Service sold by default in pairs (single numbers available also).

Asterisk Integration

  • Using VoiceRD
    • our contact: Ryan Trantvein <removed email>
    • add'l contact: Eron Howard <removed email>
  • Provisioning/deprovisioning integration
    • modify LDAP database
    • LDAP info received
    • perl examples forthcoming
  • Feature control integration
    • Call forwarding w/ or w/o simul-ring
    • Voicemail
    • same as above, LDAP database, info received
    • perl examples forthcoming

End-customer frontend


  • Based on existing Freeside self-service, with a simplified, clean VoIP-only interface and expanded VoIP functionality.
  • Probably PHP with XML-RPC access to Freeside functionality.

Features to add

Basic features

  • VoIP "follow-me" information
    • ability to add/modify/delete devices and choose from those which phone(s)/device(s) to ring
    • some basic scheduling ability as well?
    • VoiceRD to provide simple API info
  • Voicemail view/listen/delete/etc.
  • internal directory + ability to opt-out of listing
  • Order new lines and cancel existing ones.

Add'l features

  • conference setup & control
  • (some add'l "low-hanging fruit" features to be added)

Existing features to be used in new interface

  • View past and currently open invoices
  • Make payments, change payment information
  • Order new packages and cancel existing ones (order new lines/cancel existing ones)

Reseller back-end


  • Based on existing Freeside backoffice interface configured to disable unnecessary features and present a simplified, clean VoIP-only interface and expanded VoIP functionality.
  • Using existing Freeside backoffice Perl/HTML::Mason

Features to add

  • Same VoIP feature controls as end-user interface.
  • Add configuration options and ACLs to disable/hide unnecessary any features to simplify the interface.
  • Agent-virtualize any remaining configuration or tables necessary for fully-virtualized VoIP (CDRs, others?)


  • Amazon "compute cloud" - Xen hosting
  • will setup OpenSUSE instance for VoiceRD
    • will change to SLES if any time-consuming problems turn up with OpenSUSE
  • will setup Debian instance for Freeside
  • install now and use as "testing" dev platform since the cost is low

Phase two: PTSN connectivity, additional features

Asterisk integration

  • Real-time CDR integration
    • MySQL (InnoDB or MyISAM?)
    • format: standard asterisk CDRs (excellent!)
  • Integrate prepaid hook (Perl or XML-RPC) for "minutes left on prepaid card"
    • will need to be written on VoiceRD's side
    • we will provide XML-RPC & Perl API
    • Pravin will go over with VoiceRD exactly how the IVR "flow" should function

End-customer frontend

Features to add

(could use some expansion and categorization, certainly not yet complete):

  • View recent calls and call history
  • View minutes remaining
  • Call forwarding (+simul-ring) configuration
  • Edit 911 address associated with each line