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  • Required
  • Edit the big data structure in FS/FS/ and add your tables and columns
  • The upgrade script will automatically handle new tables as well as new columns, removed columns and changes to columns and indices.

Skeleton class autogeneration

  • For new tables. Optional but recommended. We're trying to save you work!
  • Make sure the tables have been added to FS/FS/ and run make install-perl-modules
  • From the root freeside directory, run bin/generate-table-module tablename for each table. Use the -n option if you prefer not to have Mason load the table module.
  • Edit the resulting FS/FS/
  • FS/MANIFEST is updated and FS/t/table.t is added. Don't forget to git add FS/FS/ and FS/t/table.t and commit them.

Required Documentation

  • For new tables: add to FS/

Optional: Documentation looking for adopters or innovative autogeneration

  • somehwat neglected: httemplate/docs/schema.html
  • really neglected: httemplate/docs/schema.dia