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This is the changelog for the 1.9.2 point release.

For additional changes since 1.7, see Freeside:1.9:Changelog

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the source ChangeLog

Core team

  • Mark Wells is now a member of the core team.
  • Kristian Hoffman has been moved to the Core Emeritus

Backend database support

  • MySQL is now fully supported (schema changes, elimination of DISTINCT ON, LONGTEXT for configuration table)
  • Add freeside-daily -u option to re-enable Pg VACUUMing - starting with 1.9, VACUUMING is not run by default anymore, as auto-vacuum is enabled in most current Pg packages



  • Employee commissioning
  • Agent commissioning


  • Add cust_bill-consolidate_services config option to collapse multiple services into as few lines as possible on invoices
  • Fix sub-totals in sectioned invoices
  • Fix incompatibility w/invoice_sections vs. cust_bill_pkg.pkgnum -1 "virtual line item" (rare, not created in normal installs)
  • Format CDR durations as XXm YYs instead of ZZ.ZZm and improve appearance of CDR records
  • Add sections for usage, per svc_phone and ability to fold like line items into one
  • Display package locations on invoices, and use for grouping line items.
  • Option for due date rather than invoice date on prior unpaid line items
  • Option for aging on invoice

Payment gateways

  • Add PaymenTech batching scripts for automatic transfer and update PaymentTech batch support
  • Add recent gateways to agent gateway selection: Jety, Elavon, SagePay, WorldPay, and fix extra space on PlugnPay, PPIPayMover, Protx
  • Added RBC batching support for Royal Bank of Canada ACH Direct Payments Service
  • Fix refunds with IPPay
  • Use business-onlinepayment-description config in the non-package case


  • Internal tax system: Bulk tax changes
  • Vendor tax system: CCH tax data updates


  • Late fee ability to specify package class in the event instead of a global config, and fix for case when no package class is setup.
  • Fix problems sending a package-specific payment receipt when taxes are in use
  • Add option to reconcile old unapplied payments as "breakage"
  • freeside-daily: Add ability to specify multiple agentnums and disable_cron_billing config option
  • Performance improvements on CDR billing
  • Have "Bill now" cancel expired (and suspend adjourned) packages, and catch and return errors in all cases.
  • Fix rare "illegal divison by zero" edge case when applying things and weights are in use.
  • Variable-length prepaid cards


  • Add queue selection dropdown to customer ticket creation
  • Update integrated RT to version 3.6.10
  • Fix Makefile substitution
  • Fix search box hints clearing from within RT


  • Added links to package and service reports for a customer
  • Added option to search on address1
  • Added config option to allow apostrophes in invoice email addresses
  • Added customer file attachments
  • Fix cust_main-package-years config option controlling number of years of old one-time charges to display
  • Added ability to edit referring customer
  • Added WYSIWYG editor for customer notes



  • Add ability to bulk increment package bill dates from the results of any package search

Bug fixes

  • UI changes to make it impossible to add a start date to a package that already has a setup fee (can still remove an existing start date causing problems)
  • Fix initial value of agent types when cloning a package definition
  • Package order: fix sort of packages when class selection changes, better filtering of available packages
  • Fix bulk package order with one package changing to one new package (was mostly obsoleted by direct change link)



Communigate Pro

  • Overhaul of Communigate Pro support, adding domain, forward and mailing list integration and many new settings.


  • Add customer information to shellcommands and derived exports
  • RADIUS exports: Add Cleartext-Password option to radius-password configuration setting


  • Add default-password-encoding option to encrypt passwords upon entry
  • Add overlimit_groups agent-specific config, overriding export-specific overlimit_groups

Bug Fixes

  • Fix removing a flag from a service definition column
  • Fix problems using inventory for UID and other fields controlled by check subs in svc_acct, svc_www, svc_domain and svc_forward
  • Fix time/bandwidth restrictions getting double added if using rollover and the service is provisioned before first billing from the backend


  • VoIP/CDR billing: add connection fee for N seconds option to rate tables
  • Add an individual E911 location to every phone service
  • Fix searching for service phone numbers and strip punctuation and country code if present

PBX services (svc_pbx)

  • New svc_pbx service for tracking customer PBXes
  • Phone numbers/DIDs (svc_phone) and users (svc_acct) can be linked to PBXes

Thirdlane support

  • Integration with the Thirdlane multi-tenant PBX

Grandstream support

  • Support for configuring Grandstream devices


  • Netsapiens CDR format and import script
  • Added domain name option to Netsapiens export

Dash Carrier Services

  • E911 integration with Dash Carrier Services


  • Sansay CDR import fixes


  • OpenSRS export enhancements


  • Add mailing list service (svc_mailinglist)
  • Add "Always put usage details in separate section" option for termination charging
  • Add (back) "manual selection from inventory" option for svc_broadband, svc_external and svc_phone

Bug Fixes

  • Fix searching and viewing non-svc_acct unlinked services
  • Fix problems using inventory for UID and other fields controlled by check subs in svc_acct, svc_www, svc_domain and svc_forward. Also fix problems using inventory for svc_external.title
  • Fix inventory links to non-svc_acct services.
  • Fixed editing broadband service with no IP address



  • A bunch of new easy skinning options available from backend config, without editing templates
  • Per-agent skinning without keeping multiple copies of the templates
  • Add apply option to realtime_collect API function
  • Add create_ticket API function
  • Option to uncheck the "save this payment information" checkbox by default

Bug Fixes

  • Don't show duplicate 'Credit card' or 'Check' choices even when signup_server-payby has CARD & DCRD (or CHEK & DCHK) set
  • Fix "unknown package" error on package orders
  • Fix "Insecure dependency in require" on signup - use modules in signup.cgi instead of template
  • Fix usage details pulling from wrong account for customers who have multiple accounts


A/R Aging

  • A/R aging as of a past date
  • Process payment links on the aging report

Customer report

  • Add ability to search on "payment expiration before"
  • Add ability to search on invoice terms

Package report

  • Add "not yet billed" status
  • Fix customer address fields

Invoice report

  • Add ability to search on ranges of charged and/or owed

Payment and Refund reports

  • Add refund report
  • Add ability to search by employee to payment/refund reports

Sales report

  • Add average per customer option
  • Line item detail: separate out the invoice and payment info into multiple columns, and fix application date showing as payment date

Event report

  • More reporting options for failed events.
  • Fix report w/ selection of customer status


  • Better prepaid income reporting, with per-agent breakdown and line-item detail
  • Fix agent link in unused prepaid card report
  • Form 477 reporting improvements
  • Fix for termination reporting under Pg 8.3+
  • Proper CDR batch table speeds up CDR reporting
  • Fix filename for Excel report export
  • Fix MIME type for CSV files



  • date_format configuration option is now used to control date displa
  • Switch to Email::Sender, adding support for SMTP auth and encryption.
  • "Time worked" enhancements: date selection for time worked queue, reporting
  • Add cust_pkg-change_pkgpart-bill_now option to bill the new package immediately on package changes. Useful for prepaid situations with RADIUS where an Expiration attribute based on the package must be present at all times
  • Add queued-sleep_time config option
  • Start reorganizing Configuration->Settings sections
  • SNOM autodial integration
  • Confirm before close on the quick payment entry page

Bug Fixes

  • Fix inventory upload
  • Have freeside-queued be more resilient when the database has gone away
  • Fix package category upgrades
  • Quick payment entry fixes browser-remembered results for customers subsequently UPPERCASED by USPS validation.
  • On upgrades, output SQL statements as they're run instead of all at once


  • Update overlibmws to upstream version 281 (Jan 20, 2010)
  • Update FCKEditor to upstream version 2.6.6