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  • Rate plans - You can edit regions/prefixes, rates and rate plans under Configuration | Billing | View/Edit call rates and regions

sample scripts for importing initial rate information are available in bin/rate.import and bin/rate-us.import

  • Service definitions (Configuration | Provisioning, services and packages | View/edit service definitions) - Service definitions for VoIP are setup as svc_phone services. Set countrycode to "fixed (unchangeable)" and to your country code ("1" for US, Canada, NANP countries). You can optionally use the inventory stuff to assign DID#s from a pool for svc_phone services.
  • Package definitions (Configuraiton | Provisioning, services and packages | View/edit package definitions) - Package definitions for VoIP are setup using the "VoIP rating by plan of CDR records in an internal SQL table" price plan. The "or external" part doesn't work yet, but everything should be in place for it.
    • Pick a "Rate plan" from above.
    • Make sure to set a "Recurring fee frequency"
    • Don't change the "Region rating method"
  • You can import CDRs directly into the Freeside database using cdr_pgsql or cdr_mysql, or you can import CDRs from CSV files under Tools | Import | Import Call Detail Records (CDRs) from CSV file. Both methods have been used with success.
  • cdr.charged_party from imported CDRs is matched to svc_phone.phonenum in a provisioned phone service
  • You can view simple reports of CDRs (unprocessed vs. processed) under Reports | Rating data | Call Detail Records (CDRs)
  • 800/877/etc. calls should be correctly handled by rating based on the originating region rather than the destination region. If you want toll-free usage to be billed at different rates than outgoing calls, you can use a different package definition and rate plan.

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