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preCharge API

proposed Business::OnlinePayment fraud detection API

 my $transaction = Business::OnlinePayment(
   'fraud_detection' => 'preCharge',
   'preCharge_id' =>,
   'preCharge_security_1' => ,
   'preCharge_security_2 => 


Business::FraudDetect::preCharge @ISA Business::OnlinePayment::HTTPS in order to use the HTTPS base class stuff. It can be written just like a Business::OnlinePayment gateway module, with a new action "Fraud Detect". That way gateways which support internal fraud detection can just add the new action.

When passed a fraud_detection argument, Business::OnlinePayment would look for a matching Business::FraudDetect::$module and then a Business::OnlinePayment::$module, and then run a "Fraud Detect" transaction against it, then run the real transaction if the fraud detection came back okay.


The new modules should go in the Business-OnlinePayment distribution (checked into CVS for now, uploaded to CPAN upon project completion), so that an installation of Business::OnlinePayment gives you Business::FraudDetect::preCharge as well.