Bulk DID Orders

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  • Create an internal_diddb export and an svc_phone service
  • Configuration -> Phone -> View/Edit bulk DID vendors: setup your vendors
  • The upgrade and setup programs automatically populate LATA and MSA tables with appropriate data


  • Creating an order: Tools -> Bulk DID Orders -> Add a bulk DID Order
  • Uploading inventory,:
    • From the order browse page (Tools -> Bulk DID Orders), click on Upload Received; or
    • From Tools -> Importing -> DIDs
  • Confirming an order:
    • from the order browse page, by clicking on the Confirm link for any unconfirmed order; or
    • by setting the confirmation date when editing an order; or
    • when importing DIDs for the order (see above)
  • Bulk provisioning DIDs for a customer:
    • from the order browse page, for any order for which DIDs have been assigned to a customer and have been uploaded/received and have not yet been provisioned, click on the Provision link
  • Canceling an order: from the order browse page, click on the Cancel link
  • Viewing DIDs received for an order: from the order browse page, for any orders for which DIDs have been uploaded/received, click on the date under the Received column
  • Assigning DIDs which will be received on an order, to a customer (not the same as provisioning them): from the add or edit order pages, click on the radio button beside Customer and enter the customer details
  • Viewing orders having DIDs received for a customer but not yet provisioned:
    • from the order browse page, click on "Browse all non-stock orders with received unprovisioned DIDs" (displays such DIDs for all customers); or
    • from a customer view page, click on the "Browse Received DID Inventory" links in the Services column (displays such DIDs for a particular customer)